Warriors of the Rainbow
Warriors of the Rainbow - Project Wildflower 
Please join us June 21 2011 5pm on the Sand near 1 Granada Ave, Long Beach, Ca 90803
6pm Healing Ritual with Michelle Long
World Loves USA - Live h2o United by Love
Global Focused Intention of LOVE for States in USA effected by recent Tornadoes, Hurricanes and flooding,
In Southern California we are meeting on the sand near 1 Granada Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803 the Third Annual Prayer for Water called Live h2o United by Love
June 21 5pm ON THE SAND near 1 Granada Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803 our Third Annual Prayer for Water:
5pm we gather. Clearing back to Soul with I AM Raul Rosiles,
6pm Healing Ritual with Michelle Long,
7pm Water Blessing with Vanessa Kay,of the Hopi Water Clan.
8pm Om Chant
Let us bring our energy together in Focused Intention.
•purpose: an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.
Our most powerful intention is Love. Visualize things enfolding for the best and highest good for all. Even the very Wise can not see all things.
Do not try to direct the energy other than to focus your Love.
and that our focused intention serves the best and highest good.
In the 1970s the physicist Fred Alan Wolf wrote an evocative phrase “we create our own reality”. The Wise throughout the ages have said the same.
Continuing change is the fundamental feature of our life and the universe.
Our thoughts and focused intentions can affect physical reality that we perceive. However, most people don’t affect reality in a consistent & substantial way because they don’t believe they can. As we work together to visualize a better world we also are inspired in our daily lives to live with more intention.We also create a planetary society as we practice working together.
Thank You!

 World Loves Japan

Please join us on May 19th 2011 for World Loves Japan Global intention and relief at Peace Yoga Gallery in Los Angeles. Six other venues around the World including France, Australia, India, Costa Rica, San Francisco, and New York. ~ (((♥))) ~