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Tonight my guest Michelle Long returns with a fresh message from our galactic family.
Sunday 3rd July - 3pm PST, 11pm UK time I will be speaking with Michelle Long, who has this week received a visit from a member of our Galactic Family. What did this being say? what were they like? were they hopeful? tune in and find out.

Ever Beyond - Not So Heavenly Bodies (posted: 5:37 pm on June 26, 2011 )
Today I will be joined by Michelle Long a Starseed Catalyst and Bryan Internoscia.
We’re going to be discussing the upcoming events regarding comets, asteroids, brown dwarves, and planetary and cosmic conjunctions. We will also be looking at the ancient Hopi prophecies. Heavenly Bodies? the Blue Star Kachina Prophecies, Elenenin, Nibiru, Planet X and such stuff. Plus! how to find your way and keep your head during all this. 

Mz Mugzzi Show - ET comparison what do you know about our benevolent friends 1/17/2011  with Michelle Long and George Kavassilas

EverBeyond Radio Jeremy Perron - Galactic Family Round Table with Michelle Long, Chris Noonan and Dave Corso