Galactivation Quotes

                                                   ~ Galactivation Quotes ~

The balance between love and fear selflessness and self preservation. We all have a decision to make, are you where you are to hold the light, or do you have a calling to relocate? It's time to go deep within and find the answer. No decision is wrong as long as you are acting on your own truth.

I announced to the world that I was ready to expand myself Globally and it answered back no, think Galactic.

Pure light transcends all negative distortions. Be the light and everything around you will have no choice but to leave or heal.

When Potential energy is converted into Kinetic energy, the possibilities are endless.

Collective conscious Is, as awaken consciousness does. We are the ones we have been waiting for. It's time to take back what has been taken and distorted.

Align yourself, you know your stations.

We are Galactivating.

Within the realm of All possibilities it is our conscious thoughts and actions that will sway the collective consciousness and will determine how and when we make our Evolutionary jump. Remember nothing is written in stone.

All is well, as long as you believe it to be.

Conscious decisions Is your truth, conscious action is your future.

Walk between the worlds and you will know truth.

When you have been exposed to no boundaries outside of this construct, you learn the boundaries within this construct.

There have been many love stories throughout history, it's like religion. Same story different characters.

I have come to realize that the threads of truth, my truth have many layers. As my spiritual journey progresses it's like a book you haven't read in awhile. It's as if you are reading it with a new pair of eyes.

Sometimes you find your answers just by sharing your thoughts with others.

Nothing is written is stone. Our future will depend on us and our state of being through this transition.

When I have conversations with people about the state of the world and beyond they don't look at me like I am crazy anymore. They are starting to ask, what can we do! We are making a difference in the world.

Sing and embody the vibration of Universal love.

The universe is speaking, follow your heart and help to reveal it's secrets.

If you are led to a place, person or thing, it is with purpose that you are there.

My projected timeline is one of peace, love and unity. Because I choose it to be.

The twists and turns from duality to nothingness and somewhere in between, we have just begun.

The meaning of  Shaman is " Wounded Healer " How could we possibly be healers if we didn't have the compassion and understanding to embody it.

The Bible is like our History books, do your research.

If anyone claims to know the exact date of anything regarding our ascension " Run ".

Dream, and dream big! The only person who is judging you is you.

Breaking out of the shell is only half the battle. Be who you know you are and share with others.

Be love and you will connect to the universal language of all that is.

There is a level of detachment of self required to tap into your higher self, otherwise you will talk yourself out of your mission.

Spiritual questing is allot like fishing, catch and release, catch and release.

The old construct is dismantling, let's join hands with our divine light to bridge the worlds.

We are the light, the truth and the way.

Our words speak our truth, our thoughts speak to spirit, our conscious actions made manifest from both could be life changing.

Pull into this construct your hopes, dreams and visions for the future. The veil is thin it's time to co create.

Your conscious multidimensional self can collapse corresponding multiple possibilities for the best possible third dimensional outcome. When you can achieve this you are a true co creator.

Conflict is a medium for lessons to be learned. Free will conscious choice could determine the outcome. Choose wisely.

Inspired by knowing, here to take action.

I love you.

To empower others we must be the example.

When I find myself frustrated with this construct. I just remind myself just how silly this whole thing really is.

Within my grasp a vision of peace at last. A tear of despair as the vision fades, nor here nor there I wait as I drift back to this realm only to be plunged back in as a citizen of this construct. I refuse and realize it was just a dream, my dream. I am one.

knowing = gnosis

I don't know what I know and then you have an ah ha moment. You think to yourself, I knew that. The process of learning to trust your inner knowing.